COKREATORS & Adventurers

We want you to get involved in our community of COKREATORS & ADVENTURERS to help grow, shape and build this COKREATIONAL platform.

Become a Cokrea-tor

COKREA is looking for motivated, empathic COKREATORS with great people skills to join our team.  We are currently recruiting for the period from mid-September 2017 – mid March 2018 (6 months). An integral part of the COKREA Team, COKREATORS come in 3 varieties:

Daily Cokreator

As a Daily COKREATOR you are committed to space and people hosting at COKREA (32 hours/month). Space hosting responsibilities include opening or closing the locations, helping to keep the space tidy and functional, prepare snacks and making sure that the coffee, water & sodas keep flowing. As a people host, you are an important ambassador for COKREA and bringing your positive personality into the mix to create an open and collaborative atmosphere where people feel at ease and want to return.

EVENT Cokreator

As an Event COKREATOR you make yourself flexibly available on an as needed basis (32 hours/ month) to help out with various events, workshops, meetings, u.lab – Leading From the Emerging Future and other events. 
To get a flavour for our offerings, check out some of our events here.

SPECIAL Cokreator

As a Special COKREATOR for ongoing special projects, for example: website management, on-line marketing campaigns, SEOs, event photography, filming, graphic design or other project based work (32 hours/month)
Needless to say: fluent German & English or excellent DEnglish & working visa.
Other languages and cultures highly appreciated.

What you Get


In exchange for six months of  voluntary service, we offer you a COKREATIONAL membership for ADVENTURERS valued at over 1500€ that includes:

  • Access to our space and infrastructure to work on your own projects
  • Access to free or affordable workshops for skill- and personal- development, possibilities to participate in various team and member projects, and meaningful networking opportunities within a vibrant community of COKREATORS and ADVENTURERS
  • Free coffee, tea and assorted soft drinks for you

This is a voluntary position.
More information on request.


Then tell us more about yourself here.

To be considered for the period between September 18, 2017 – March 16, 2018, please submit your interest on or before September 15, 2017.

Applications received after the indicated deadline will be considered as part of the following recruiting period.