Guerrilla Time – More Time in Your Life, more Life in your Time

Performance & Coaching workshops in 2017 led by GUERRILLA TIME book author Andrea Frausin

More Time - Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time

Time = Money … NO!!! It is much, much more…

“Time was, is and in future will be an always more strategic asset in our lives”

In today’s world we are literally bombarded by things to do at work, at home, with families, friends and so on. Technology evolution also put us in a condition of “always connected” which ignites more entropy in normally full agendas. Many times we say “we have not enough time” to do what we really want and sometimes many people can feel unsatisfied and even overwhelmed.

In the past someone said “Time is money”, but today it seems very clear that time is not only money, time is much, much more, time is life itself.

Guerrilla Time - Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time

Andrea Frausin, main author of Guerrilla Time, more time in your life more life in your time, which is in the famous Guerrilla series of books which sold more than 23 millions of copies in the world.

You will learn how to start from the strategic factor which distinguishes Guerrilla Time approach from different “Time management” courses: the human factor, the difference which makes the difference.“You do not manage time, you manage yourself.”

Andrea Frausin is offering a series of Workshops (in English) in Munich in 2017

  • Best Performance (2 day program) – How to improve your personal results and your emotional intelligence
  • Guerrilla Time – more time in your life, more life in your time  (2 day program)

Certified Guerrilla Time Coach Program:


And following workshops (date soon to be announced)

Skills & Models for Effective Coaching Certificate (12 day program 3 modules of 4 days each)

  • Core Skills for Coaching (4 days)
  • Linguistic models for Coaching and state choice (4 days)
  • Coaching and how to use coaching skills and selected models inside your personal and professional life (4 days)
  • For more details about the Skills & Models for Effective Coaching Certificate, please sign up on this list and we will get back to you with more information.

 About Andrea Frausin

Andrea Frausin - Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time

Andrea Frausin operates as a performance and behavioral specialist since 1997 and he has a Master’s degree in economics and a Master’s degree in psychology and different international certifications and accreditations. He is an international trainer of coaches and trainer of trainers and he is an author of 5 books on communication and performance, one of them (Guerrilla time, more time in your life, more life in your time) published in the Guerrilla series of book, which sold internationally more than 23 million of books.

Andrea is a licensed psychologist in Italy, he is a senior hypnotherapist within the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) in UK and he is also the one NLP Trainer in the world certified by all the three NLP co-founders (Bandler, Grinder and Pucelik). He had been an assistant of Richard Bandler (NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainers Training), an assistant (in many seminars) and a co-trainer of John Grinder (International NLP Coaching Certification 2009, 2011 and 2014) and he is a co-trainer of Frank Pucelik in specific NLP programs (NLP Excellence for Business 2015, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner 2016, NLP Trainers Training 2017).

In the corporate world, Andrea has been appreciated by, among others: Allianz, Banca Intesa, BNL, Electrolux, ENI, Fincantieri, Gavi Alliance, Generali Group, Philip Morris International, Poste Italiane, Saipem Mediterranean, Saipem Romania, Stryker Europe, University of Torino, University of Trieste, Wolters Kluwer and many medium and small businesses, primarily in the north east of Italy, and main associations, consulting and training companies.

More information about the trainer: