Born in Chile in the late sixties. Life was good, and my best friend was a Pekingese dog. We played on a terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean with an avocado tree which I turned into a crane.

By the age of 5 we moved to a small town somewhere in southern Germany. We lived in a house on a winery with a huge yard. I made friends quickly and liked it so much there that I set fire to a barn unintentionally, and a day later – I broke my arm jumping from my friend's bed.

In the fall of the following year things turned grim: my first day at school. Girls had to drop curtseys, boys bowed down and the vicar gave me a box on the ear. I was frustrated and I came home without knowing how to read and write. I spent my days riding BMX-style my red folding-bike. The days went by and Led-Zeppelin couldn't continue without Bonzo. At age 15 my greatest achievement was a car crash as co-driver with my friend Peter.

Then we moved to Argentina. It was fantastic. I went to school, played the drum-kit in a Psychedelic Rock band, practiced windsurf and met my future wife. We didn't know we would be husband & wife 15 years later...

After studying Business Administration in Europe, I returned to South America, got married, moved to a lot of places, then to New York where we had our first child, then we went down to Chile and started a business. We lived our life far away from it all. We learned so much – how it's really about the simple things. We had another baby. Then, on one rainy day… the four of us got robbed at gunpoint. I’ll just say that this was the worst experience of our lives and we decided to start all over again, in beautiful Europe.

Since then we live in toy-town Munich and enjoy what we do.

The most remote place I have been to is Easter Island where my dad got the worst sunburn I have ever seen - on a cloudy day .
The highest place I've been was on a mountain in Bolivia who's name I forgot and the most isolated I’ve ever felt was at age 19 in an prison cell in Patagonia where I got arrested by the Chilean border patrol for potential desertion from a potential military service which I would never serve, since I was born in Chile but had never claimed my passport.

At the age of 46 I lost my left ring-finger in an accident and in general I wish I could eat Argentinian BBQ every day even though I am vegan by now.
My free time I spend with family & friends, I do cross-running while listening to my favorite podcasts, go swim in the river Isar, love long distance trekking and don't give up trying surfing for more than 10 seconds.
Next time we meet at COKREA tell me something I don't know. Cheers!