Location auf dem Land.

your creative space in the bavarian country  60 minutes from munich.

Seminarhotel, Übernachtung, Einzelzimmer, Landshut, Kreativraum, Seminar, Landshut, Vilsbiburg

COKREA in the Country is your perfect location for Team-Workshops, Retreats & Seminars.

set in an idyllic atmosphere on a historic Bavarian farm just 60 minutes from Munich.

The farm offers over 1.000m2 to work, create, live and bond. The space invites to unwind completly from your day-to-day activities at work and helps you connect with your team-members on a whole different level. After a day of work you might want to get pampered with one of our famous Argentinean Style BBQ's and spend time with your colleagues aside the bonfire to reflect and project new endeavours. Preiceless.

*COKREA in the Country* is located in the proximities of Landshut & Vilsbiburg and offers a wunderful infrastructure:

Our offer.

You do what you what you have to. We take care of the rest. Priceless.

We are great organizers, hand-on hosts, experienced, common-sensed, super international, and fluent in German, English and Spanish to serve you.
We just love what we do.
Catering? No problem. Beverages, snacks, goodies, organic, fair trade - you decide.
Fixed rates & *all-inclusive hospitality-packages*, no surprises - friends forever.

  • * We help you plan your event & booking - simple and straight forward.
  • * Super quick response to requests.
  • * One single contact for all of your needs.
  • * We generally have a solution for your request. In case we don't, we will find a solution.
  • * Simple one-page contracts. Easy to understand, no blabla.
  • * Air condition, audio, visual, working materials, you name it - we have it.
  • * Beverages, snacks catering: all premium qualitiy, organic, fair trade, healthy options. You decide.
  • * Fixed prices, flat-rates, no surprises - friends forever.

So weit, so gut.

what does it all cost?

Unsere Friends-Forever-Flatrate

We love it simple and transparent. That's why our *Friends-Forever-Flat-Rate* already includes a lot of extras: beamer, audio, flipcharts + pin-walls incl. paper and a lot more.
Advantage: total transparency - you always know upfront how much you will be charged. No discussons, friends forever.


Workshop Space *ONE* 80m2 incl. room set-up


Worshop Space *TWO* 25m2 - ideal für break-out sessions






digital Projektor (Full HD)


HDMI Adapter Cables

3m x 4m Projection Screen


Bang & Olufsen mobile Speaker


lots of Wallspace to work on


4 mobile *Maul* Flipcharts incl. 1 set of paper, 20 pages each


4 mobile *Maul* Pinn-Walls incl. paper


Moderations Desk

Keine Überraschungen – friends forever.

additional services.
Extra Charges apply.

Hospitality packages *all inclusive* - yummy, fair & mostly sustainable


Catering, many flavours with meat, vegetarian & vegan


Beverages hot/ cold, with/ no alcohol *all inclusive package*


Moderation- & Workshop material


Fotocopies, print & scan-service


Business Modeling for Teams & Organisationen


*slow* rides on historic tractors

If you look for gear, gaddets or services not listed above, just give a call or drop us a line for more information.

↜ We love to walk the extra mile!


Ask our customers: nobody EVER goes hungry at COKREA. We offer a wide variety of great food options and styles, from simple snack options to full range catering and food trucks. Truely Bavarian specialties from family run farms in the area.

creative space & inspiring events.

Lego Serious Play, LSP München, Munich

We offer and COKREAte Training Programs for professionals and teams in corporate and governmental enviornments, masterclasses, summer schools and persanl coaching, especially designed to energize, engage and empower you & your team.


We support trainers and facilitators in hassle-free workshops and end-to-end oganization including logistics & materials, event marketing, content and co-facilitation.

so, you finally decided to give cokrea a try? - that's great. you won't regret it because you will get pampered with everything we promise.


↜ Questions?
       Just to drop us a line.

our location in the country.

COKREA in the country.

Over 1.000m² at your disposal.  
Possibilities over possibilities.
Reach out to learn more or schedule a visit.

For exact location details please drop us a line.

You will love COKREA in the Country!