COKREA is ideal for Meetings, Workshops, Training, Speaker- and Networking Events, Exhibitions, Product & Press Launches and Receptions.


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We know about workshops & hostings.

We are great organizers, hosts, experienced, common-sensed, super international, communicate in fluent German, English and Spanish.
We just love what we do.
Catering? No problem. Beverages, snacks, goodies, organic, fair trade - you decide.
Fixed rates, no surprises -friends forever.

  • We help you plan your event & booking - simple and straight forward.
  • Super quick response to requests.
  • Single contact for all of your needs.
  • We generally have a solution for your request. In case we don't, we just say we don't know - but find a solution. Simple as that.
  • Simple one-page contracts. No BlaBla.
  • Air condition, audio, visual, working materials, you name it - we have it.
  • Beverages, snacks catering: all premium qualitiy, organic, fair trade, healthy options. You decide.
  • Fixed prices, flat-rates, no surprises - friends forever.

So far, so easy.


This is the space. Make it yours.

There are so many different options. 

what does this all cost?

Our Friends-Forever-Flat-Rate

We love it simple and transparent. That's why our Friends-Forever-Flat-Rate already includes a lot of Extras: beamer, audio, flipcharts & paper, moderation panels incl. paper and a lot more.
Advantage: you will always know upfront how much you will be charged. No discussons, friends forever :)


No extra charges

Comfortable Chairs


Nicely sized tables 180 x 80cm


open Coffee- & Snackbar


Fridge for Beverages


Bistro Tables & side boards


Room Setup


Wi-Fi/ glass fiber connection


2 Digital Projectors (Full HD)


HDMI Adapter Cables

3m x 4m Large Projector Screen


Hifi w/ Bluetooth + High End Speakers


25m of Wallspace to work on


Mobile Whiteboard 1,5m x 1,8m


8 Mobile Flipcharts (Maul) with Neuland markers


8 Mobile Pinnwalls (Maul)


Moderation Desk


Great Customer Support


sunny Terrace


Outdoor Seating

No surprises. Friends Forever.


Extra charges may apply.

Plates and glassware


Service personnell






Specialized literature


Moderation material


Coffee & Tea specialities


Beverages (wide range)


Event planning

Catering - creative & jummy




Fotocopies/ scans / prints


Business Model Canvasses


Lego Serious Play  Material

If you look for gear, gaddets or services not listed above, just give a call or drop us a line.

Extra charges may apply, but well worth it.

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because we know you appreciate. That's why...


Ask our customers: nobody EVER goes hungry at COKREA. We offer a wide variety of great food options, from simple snack options to full catering, we arrange lunches and dinners at hand-picked nearby family run restaurants and extra class neighborhood delis.

inspiring programs

We offer and COKREAte Training Programs for professionals and teams in corporate and governmental enviornments, masterclasses, summer schools and persanl coaching, especially designed to energize, engage and empower you & your Team.


We support trainers and facilitators in hassle-free workshops and end-to-end oganization including logistics & materials, event marketing, content and co-facilitation.

so, you finally decided to give cokrea a try? - that's great. you won't regret it because you will get pampered with everything we promised.

Book now.

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our location & Neighborhood.

Welcome to Schwabing , one of Munich's most eclectic neighborhoods.

From our terrace you have a great view. Lots of small family run restaurants, bars and little shops or you can strall across Elisabethmarkt, Munich's probably most authentic open air food market (150m).