Dr. Timothy Clark

14.05. & 15.05.2020, 9:30-17:00

Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Course

The Business Model You® methodology shows people how to visually depict work at three different levels: individual, team, and enterprise.

Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Course

led by Dr. Timothy Clark & co-facilitated by Mercedes Hoss

Business Model You® uses the same simple tool to grasp all three levels of work, leading to stunning insights about where people best fit in and can contribute most.

How can organizations create an employee experience that focuses on people’s action, yet energizes them? Improving the Employee Experience: A Structured, Practical Method.

Business Model You® believes that work means helping other people.

Helping other people is defined not just with words describing activities, but with diagrams visually depicting workplace roles.

This role-focused, visual approach enables people to see the entire context in which they work, not merely hear a portion of it described in words. This gently requires people to understand how the entire organization works. Experience shows that an overwhelming majority find this process extremely enjoyable and inspiring. That’s why replacing word-based job descriptions with visual role depictions works so well.

Individual role depictions take the form of Personal Business Models or Personal Service Models, while team role depictions take the form of Team Business Models or Team Service Models. The four-phase Business Model You® methodology guides the user through a structured process:

1) Draw: defining the model

2) Reflect: reflecting the current model & envisioning new possibilities

3) Revise: reworking the model

4) Act: testing the new model

Equally important, the jargon-free Business Model You® method itself is an intriguing, joyful process that is enthusiastically embraced by employees of all kinds. A select group of 24 participants will spend two immersive days mastering the Business Model You® methodology in Munich.

Dr. Timothy Clark

Dr. Timothy Clark is an educator and entrepreneur who has delivered visual modeling training in 15 countries and is the author of the global bestseller Business Model You and Business Models for Teams. He has worked with thousands of project managers, team and group leaders, and executives in the healthcare, technology, finance, and retail sectors, and has served as consultants or trainers to many organizations, including Aetna, Amazon.com, DFS, Bertelsmann Financial Services, HP, Intel, and JCPenney.

Mercedes Hoss is an experienced workshop designer, facilitator, event organizer and project manager. She supports large (inter)national organizations by getting teams and individuals to think about their own strategies and business models, combining different methodologies and introducing new tools, skills and mindsets. She brings 20+ years of hands-on management experience in leading functions in the areas of IT/ Finance and business process optimization for international corporations such as Pfizer and Ancestry.com. She is a Business Model for Teams co-creator and has worked with Dr. Timothy Clark since the Facilitator Course was first introduced to Europe in early 2013.

14.05. & 15.05.2020, 9:30-17:00