Alexander M. Schmid


Creative Leadership Salon #00

Creative Leadership Salon #00

CLS N°0 — Creation. A new kind of event series for a much needed kind of thinking. Join NOW!

Our first issue of the Creative Leadership Salon is dedicated to our community. On October 13th we will work together with you on conceiving an event that will genuinely support you with your personal development as a Creative Leader.N°0 will be a hands-on experience, facilitated by five hosts. We will embark on a journey of filling the idea of Creative Leadership with meaning: It is not definitions that we are looking for but deeds, experiences and intra-/ entrepreneurship.This series will be about celebrating the making and daring — because the time is ripe for genuinely reinventing business.


1) Networking accompanied with cheese and wine

2) Impulses
2.1) Intro to the Creative Leadership Salon
2.2) Alexander Schmid (Wien)

3) Workshop / co-creation (based on a range of collaboration / co-creation and facilitation techniques) in groups, supported by dedicated co-facilitators: Concrete stories / personal experiences around creative leadership examples.

4) Conclusions (introducing shortened Fishbowl): What happened this evening? Why joining upcoming events? Discussion led by Alexander M. Schmid.

5) Conclusions / Impressions/ Networking