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Personal Branding Masterclass

Personal Branding Masterclass

From Design to Prototype

If you’re frustrated with reading books and articles about Personal Branding that don’t explain how it’s done, then this Masterclass is for you.

The Personal Branding Canvas Masterclass will help you define your own Personal Branding strategy and teach you how to improve it, even if you don’t have advanced marketing skills.

All of this is thanks to the Personal Branding Canvas that has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people just like you around the world and has been translated into many languages. The Personal Branding Canvas is an easy to use and practical visual framework that helps you understand why you are special, how you can stand out and how to let others know you are special too.

Today Personal Branding is the most important asset of your career.

If you have a strong Personal Brand, you are able to attract the right opportunities, customers or projects that fit with your passions, interests and skills. This is much better than continuously spending time and resources looking for opportunities or, even worse, begging for them.

But how can you develop a professional image that is consistent with who you really are and able to deliver your value proposition clearly when the context around you is changing continuously?

The answer is that you need an efficient all-in-one map that allows you find the gaps in your current personal promotional strategy and make productive decisions.

The training content and program

The Personal Branding workshop will help its participants identify their value promises, stand out and find better and innovative ways to communicate them to their audience.

With the Personal Branding Canvas, participants will be able to quickly design, understand and improve their professional image and make a “big name” for themselves.

Thanks to conversations facilitated by the simple structure of the Canvas and the unique design thinking approach applied to professional innovation, the workshop will enable efficient peer to peer feedback, thus exposing participants to new perspectives and ideas. This will trigger new learning and lead to powerful results, at the same time helping avoid bad investments and resource wastage.

For one full day, a select group of 24 participants will study and practice using the BigName methodology.

Working closely and directly with Luigi Centenaro, the method’s originator, you'll practice and learn:

  • Personal Branding terms, logics and goals
  • How to use the Personal Branding Canvas for your personal promotion strategy
  • How to design with your customers and stakeholders at the center
  • Personal Brand Positioning: how to stand out in your competive arena
  • Personal Branding Communication with a focus on LinkedIn.

Who Should Attend?

  • Freelancers who want to position themselves in a competitive market
  • Leaders, managers, innovators, intra- and entrepreneurs who want to inspire their teams, spread their vision internally or attract publicity and media coverage for their own teams or companies
  • Professionals and employees who want to attract new opportunities within their company, teams or groups or from the external job market
  • Coaches, consultants and human resource professionals who want to learn for themselves and their career but who also understand the applications of the methodology.

Luigi Centenaro

Luigi Centenaro is creator of the Personal Branding Canvas and of the Professional Innovation toolkit ( and he’s also the developer of a unique design thinking based approach to professional innovation.

Luigi founded his company BigName, the people and team innovation specialists for enterprise, with the idea of simplifying professional innovation.
With more than 10 years of experience in Personal Branding, Luigi has worked on many applications in the field, from Fortune 100 CEO Branding projects to large Brand Ambassador programs and with customers like HP, IBM, LinkedIn, Enel, Sanofi and Novartis. He has also helped thousands of successful professionals and freelancers to make a big name for themselves.
Luigi s a published author and serves as clinical professor on Personal Branding and Professional Innovation for the MBA of St Gallen, Università IULM, Istituto IED, Politecnico di Milano Design School, Università Cattolica di Milano, H-Farm, Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, Ca’ Foscari and MIP MBA courses.

Co-Host: Mercedes Hoss - CEO Off-Time GmbH & COKREA Co-Founder