Astrid Kohlmeier

12.05.2023 18:30 - 22:30

Creative Leadership Salon N°13 – What legal design can do

Design is from Venus? Law is from Mars? Actually, they are both from planet Earth and make a powerful team together. A salon evening with Lawyer & Legal Designer Astrid Kohlmeier. Is it possible to increase BRAND VALUE through legal design? Via user centric and delightful products & services, that makes clients happy?!

Legal Design is a global movement of re-inventing law and how it is delivered. The goal is to make it accessible for people without legal education, make it easier for lawyers to explain themselves and help to find the right balance in an era of digital transformation. Legal Designers are a bridge between people confronted with law and lawyers and act as translators to make things easier, not more complex! They use multiple aspects of design, to make legal issues easier accessible and transparent.Astrid Kohlmeier is a lawyer and internationally recognized legal design pioneer who runs a legal design consultancy business. Co-author of the legal design book, Astrid advises legal departments and law firms on developing user-centric legal solutions with a focus on innovation and digital transformation. She is a member and lecturer of the Executive Faculty at the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, co-founder of the non-profit Liquid Legal Institute e.V., a speaker at relevant conferences worldwide and collaborates with a global network of legal designers.On our newest Salon evening Astrid will guide us through "The Ten Legal Design Philosophies". Because to cultivate a new perspective on the legal profession, it is necessary to adopt the right mental models and create the ideal environmental conditions for design to thrive.

To attend: bring your favorite slice of cheese - we provide the wine!

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